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It's true. I AM a MESSterpiece

I released "I'm a MESSterpiece" about 2 months ago, but I have been struggling to get behind it. Not because I am not proud of the book itself, but because I made an oopsie. In the back of the book on the very last page I put a special thank-you message… the intent behind this page was to recognize all the amazing teachers, coaches and instructors that have inspired my children.

But I realize now that it was a mistake to do this. Not because I think these individuals are not worthy of the accolades (they are, and then some), but because I missed some names. I failed to include some very influential people in our lives that deserve to be recognized, and now I struggle to get behind my book and promote it, knowing it might hurt the feelings of those who were unintentionally left out.

When I first realized the omission, I got angry at myself. I even cried. But now I have decided I need to take a page from my own book (pun intended). I need to embrace this error in the same way I encourage kids to; apologize, revealing that I am in fact perfectly imperfect, and move on. Because right now there are enough anxieties and negative emotions swirling around in the world, so I need to let the guilt go. And I need to understand that even in naming these individuals that I (at this moment in time) am aware that I forgot, there may be more that I am still forgetting.

I’m truly sorry to the following people. I’m a MESSterpiece. I’ll strive to do better, but I’ll never get it perfect.

Additional special thanks to:

Ms. Bell

Coach Joel

Ms. Schuman

Miss Shelby

Ms. Roworth


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