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How does your garden grow?

EEK! I have a confession.

It’s a little embarrassing to admit that I wrote a book that includes creating a garden… but I actually have a hard time keeping plants alive. I joke about my yearly visit to the garden centre in the spring to purchase the unfortunate plants chosen to be in my “care.”

But, this year I really am trying. I promise. I’ve looked at all the labels that outline how much sun, how often to water, etc. and I have planted accordingly.

Many of us may be in the same situation where we will probably spend a lot of the summer at home in our own backyards, save for a couple trips wherever they might let us travel currently. So, we want it to look nice if we are going to be spending more time there, right?

I have a variety of flowers, and even some tomatoes, lettuce and herbs - because for my first big gardening adventure, surely I will feed my family fresh salads all summer long, right?

I put together a list of items for novice gardeners like me… a self watering planter, a complete package of essential gardening tools, and the cutest mason jar herb savers to use with all the bounty from your amazing garden!

Check out the links below to be redirected to my list on Amazon. If you click the continue button at the bottom all items will automatically go into your cart, or you can just click each item individually.

If you'd like to share a photo of your own garden to inspire me, or your country is missing from the above links list, send me a message (!

I'll update you on my garden later in the season...

*affiliate links may be included.

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