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For Molly & Polly, two cherries attached at the stem, life can be tricky because they are so different. Feeling like they don’t get to do things their own way, and like they can’t follow their dreams if they stay attached, they make a BIG DECISION!


Will separating bring them joy or is it a HUGE mistake?


A delightful and imaginative story that encourages young readers to celebrate their differences, dream big, and be grateful for what they have.

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Harper and her best friends, Mona and Bridget, love to create, design, plan, and help others. Together, this Treehouse Trio is determined to have the best kid-run business in town. But, when wild animals create chaos and ruin their carefully planned ventures, will they still be able to find a way to reach their goals?


A story to inspire young girls to follow their dreams, support each other, and – most importantly – realize when you fail, you get back up and try again.

Canva 3D paperback trial.png

Have you ever heard a child say something negative about themselves, such as “I can’t do it!” “I’m not good at this!” or “I’m a mess!”?

Confidence is like a muscle that needs exercise throughout our lives. Helping children develop a supportive, resilient, and compassionate inner voice is a great place to start.

Follow along on a frustrating week that emphasizes how children can view mistakes as a part of learning and see themselves as a work in progress — a perfectly imperfect MESSterpiece!

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