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Come Along on This Journey

My kids are at a summer day camp this week, and in their absence, I am allowing myself lots of time to work towards this dream of mine. I am humbled that anyone reading this is willing to go on the journey with me.

I started seriously pursuing publishing a children's picture book early in the spring of this year, and I decided to join as many groups, and read as many books and blog posts as I possibly could. Fairly early on in my research it became clear that self-publishing was probably going to be my route.

I am currently working with two wonderful, successfully self-published authors, and following their advice and action plans. With help, I am happy to report that my manuscript is written (I've lost count of the actual number of drafts it has gone through), and I have been slowly trying to build this website and an Instagram account following. As one of my mentors, April Cox has said, the worst thing for an author would be to spend all this time and energy, and then release your book to the sound of crickets.

So far in the last two days I have set up a Facebook group for my beta-readers (thank you so much if you are one of them!) and contacted a professional editor and my first choice of an illustrator to inquire about their availability. Some of this process is fun and creative and some can feel rather tedious. Hopefully I will say it was all worth it when I am holding my first book proof. I imagine I will be hooked and looking to write more books immediately after...

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