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As a writer, being absorbed in a story for so long, it's hard not to get attached. So, when I received feedback (from multiple sources who had my success at heart) that my story wasn't quite working, it felt a little like failure. I was downright sad and discouraged at the prospect of starting over again. So, I reached out to my cheerleading squad and they pumped me back up. (Thanks to Laurie, April, Jill, Kayley, Amanda, Kristen and Camie most especially!) Through them I realized I had 4 choices: 1) Give up on being a published author altogether 2) Ignore the naysayers and put out my book as is anyway 3) Rewrite a new story for the characters I had created OR 4) Find new characters to tell the original story in their own unique way. I decided on option 2. I wanted to hold on to the characters that were so vividly living in my head. I felt they still had a story to tell even if it wasn't the one I had set out to put into the world. Hopefully, because of all that I am learning as I go, the new story is even better and is something that resonates with kids and their parents!

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